4000 Internet Service Provider customers recently had their say in a survey conducted by Choice – Australian Consumer Advisory organization. Topping the list of satisfied customers were Internode subscribers who said that they were very satisfied with price, performance and support of Internode’s Extreme ADSL2+ Broadband services.

74% of Internode customers said they were very satisfied with ADSL2+ Broadband which was well clear of 2nd place coming in at 48%. Choice suggested that Internode customers were likely to be very satisfied overall for connection speed, costs and payment option in regards to their ADSL2+ services.

This is great news for people wishing to obtain ADSL2+ Broadband in areas that Internode DSLAM is available, however I hope this stamp of approval by Choice will not prompt Internode to raise their prices shortly down the track.

“Internode ADSL customers were more likely to rate the support staff as very good for the technical help, time taken to resolve queries, communication skills and patience‚Ķ Internode ADSL2/2+ users were very unlikely to change service provider in the next 12 months,” according to the report. – Choice

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ISP Survey – Choice.com.au