Australians can’t seem to get enough of Mobile Broadband technology related services with one in every two Aussies wanting Internet access on their Mobile phones. According to a recent global study, other figures suggest that a further one in three want live television on their Mobile phones also.

It comes as no surprise that Japan currently leads the bunch with a whopping 47% of Mobile users already accessing the Internet while 33% of Australian Mobile phone users are logging onto the information super-freeway via their handsets. It’s not just a small group of countries bolstering the trend either, as it appears that people all over the world are becoming content crazed with a reported 3.3 billion predicted to become connected by 2011.

Internet access was the most popular form of content, desired by 52 per cent of respondents, followed by live TV (37 per cent) and TV clips (31 per cent). While half those surveyed wanted to use their phone to watch the news and check the weather, the most popular content was entertainment news, nominated by 58 per cent.

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