A plan to offer ‘Free Wireless Broadband’ throughout CBD areas of Sydney has been shelved according to a City of Sydney staff member. Back in March this year, Premier Morris Lemma promised free Wi-Fi Internet Access for the Sydney CBD that would also cover North Sydney, Parammatta, Penrith, Liverpool, Newcastle, Wollongong and Gosford.

The free public wireless idea was an initiative designed to promote business in the region along with keeping Sydney competitive on the International stage. Due to the complexity and diversity of the expressions of Interest, it’s taken longer than expected to announce a tender. However a decision by the NSW Government on a Tender for the project is expected to be announced soon.

“The evaluation of the proposals and solutions received in response to the expression of interest is in its final stages. The proposals were both innovative and diverse,” the spokesman said. “Due to the diversity and complexity of the responses, the expression of interest evaluation is taking longer than originally anticipated. The NSW Government expects to be in a position to make an announcement soon.”

“Paris and San Francisco have headed in this direction. For a lot of businesses, it’s seen as one of these things that gives you an edge when you are promoting the city,” she said.

Source: SMH.com.au