As expected, Pipe Networks have announced the go ahead of their $200 million submarine Internet cable project (PPC-1) which is due to open in June 2009. Federal Communications Minister ‘Stephen Conroy’ suggested that the new undersea cable would also open up the Broadband market and not only reduce costs, but moreover, increase Broadband speeds.

PPC-1 aka ‘Project Runway’ will rival Telstra and Optus Internet pipelines with Pipe Networks Executive Director ‘Lloyd Ernst’ referring to the scenario as a ‘Qantas’ v ‘Tiger’ type situation that could invoke a Broadband price war in the near future. Some of Australia’s leading Internet Services Providers such as iiNet, Internode & Primus are among those already signed up on PPC-1.

News of the Project Runway’s announcement is right up there with that of a new National FTTN Broadband network. This should give our current ailing and expensive Broadband Industry a right old shakeup with consumers the ones to benefit.  

At today’s launch in Melbourne, Senator Conroy said the new cable “fit very neatly” with government plans for a super fast fibre optic broadband network, by increasing the broadband carrying capacity from overseas.

It is due to open in June next year and Pipe Network executive director Lloyd Ernst today said PPC-1 was undercutting its competitors’ prices by 50 per cent.

Mr Ernst likened his company to budget airline Tiger Airways, saying he hoped to “disrupt” the broadband market and drive more competition.

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