Internode has just announced a hyper leap into Wireless Broadband which involves expanding their Broadband network into regional South Australia using WiMAX technology. Taking advantage of the Australian Federal Government’s Broadband Guarantee (ABG) initiative, Internode have started connecting those in rural and remote regions (who live too far from any ADSL based exchange) up to WiMAX Wireless Broadband. Using a network of 10 base stations on a 3.4Ghz licenced spectrum, Internode is pumping out Wireless Broadband Speeds that measure up to 6 Megabits per second over distances of 30kms away in South Australia’s Yorke Peninsula.

Internode’s WiMAX network on the Yorke Peninsula is delivering real-world wireless broadband speeds as fast as six megabits per second up to 30km from its base stations.

Internode’s first commercial WiMAX customer, farmer Ted Buttfield, who was connected to the Internode network on Monday, January 21, said Internode’s WiMAX broadband service was terrific. “Compared to the dial-up service we’ve had until now, it is wonderful,” he said.

“With good line of sight, we are achieving speeds as fast as six megs per second at distances up to 30km from the base station. This is not a theoretical result – it’s a real world outcome.

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Source: Internode News & Media