Australian Broadband ISP enthusiast’s favorite ‘Internode’ have announced another International Cable Internet deal, this time with Southern Cross Cable Network (SCCN). This latest agreement should significantly bolster Internode’s Broadband Services capacity to a level that may rival Australia’s other two major Telco’s ‘Telstra’ and ‘Optus’.

The 5 year deal with SCCN comes off the back of another recent cable deal struck with Pipe Networks (PPC-1) that’s expected to commence early next year. Internode’s Managing Director ‘Simon Hackett’ stated that Internode customers will reep benefits later on this year as new Broadband capacity will improve their ‘bang for buck’ download value.

“We expect that the deployment of this new Southern Cross capacity will allow us to improve our download ‘bang for buck’ later in 2008,”

“The price of broadband has been held rather high by Telstra and Optus, so having Internode in the picture adds a competitive element,”

“Long term contracts like the one between Internode and SCCN gets everyone nervous and creates a better environment for Internode to sign better deals.”

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