Cheap Wireless Broadband is not always the best, so when searching around and comparing Wireless Broadband Providers and Plans, try not to lash onto the first cheap deal you find without scrutinizing the important factors. Sure Telstra have a great Wireless Broadband Network in Next G through their BigPond Products and Optus, Vodafone, 3 Mobile and Virgin Broadband are not so far behind in coverage and availability, but which plan is right for you?

Wireless Broadband Coverage V’s Pricing
Assuming you’re after Mobile Wireless Broadband Access that gives you the flexibility, you have to ask yourself where am I going to utilize my Wireless Connection? If you’re after Wireless just for the Home, forget about a more expensive Wireless Plan and go for a Wireless Modem for a fixed line Internet Connection. It’s most likely going to be cheaper and give you better reception around the house. So back to where and how much you intend on using your wireless connection. Generally speaking, if you’re not going to use your wireless broadband connection for anything more than merely the occasional surf and email, a 1GB Plan will be plenty. But where do you Intend to jack into the Internet? Most of the Providers mentioned will cover most major metropolitan areas sufficiently, although you’ll need to refer to their wireless coverage maps or ask their customer service operators.

Ok, now if you plan on traveling or live outside these major metropolitan areas, then you’re limited to the bigger Telco’s, namely BigPond and Optus. BigPond has currently the best coverage in Australia but are usually more expensive than the rest, in saying this though, if you’re keen to get onto their Next G Coverage Network, I’d be hanging off for a short time as recent news says they might be dropping their prices.

Unlike the Country Bumpkins, the City Folk have more to choose from so they can shop around. Oops, I left out Speed. Well I don’t think Wireless Broadband Speed is an issue at the moment as most of the Providers can realistically give you ADSL type speeds that are satisfactory for your general run of the mill Emailing, Surfing, small Downloads (MP3’s) etc…, but not much more at this stage.

So where can you get a Wireless Broadband deal from? Take you pick from our list below.

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