Mike Quigley, former head honcho of Alcatel, has been named executive chairman of the National Broadband Network Company.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd announced Mr Quigley’s acquisition over the weekend and stated that his 36 years of experience of major Fibre-to-the-Home developments with some of the United States leading Carriers led to his successful appointment. The announcement comes along side the commencement of the first stage in the Tasmanian NBN rollout which has been earmarked to provide of 600km of cable to 5000 homes and businesses.

Although Mr Quigley was born in England, his academic background was completed in Australia which I guess makes him an Aussie? He obtained several degrees in mathematics, physics and engineering at the University of NSW and almost immediately after graduation, joined the work force with a group called Standard Telephone Co. This company was later bought by Alcatel and after spending 36 years with Alcatel, many of it as CEO, My Quigley called it a day after the recent merger with Lucent.

My Quigley, who now joins the likes of Doug Campbell that heads the Tasmanian NBN, will commence his new role immediately.