micro SIM for iPad – Telstra, Optus and Vodafone to stock

micro SIM for iPad – Telstra, Optus and Vodafone to stock

Updated on September 30, 2011

Apple iPad and various other micro SIM and Tablet devices have become that popular over recent times, so we’ve included a new search feature specifically catered for such products.

Using the following link, you can compare micro SIM, iPad and Tablet plans from the likes of Telstra, Optus, Vodafone and virgin Mobile as they become available. Compare iPad and Tablet Plans.

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Updated 17.05.2011 by Ronnie

We’ve erected a ‘most popular Apple iPad plans’ page which lists the ten most popular iPad plans.
You can compare these plans by visiting the following link: Top 10 most popular iPad Broadband Plans plans – Call the corresponding phone number on these plans to talk to a friendly customer service representitive to find out more.

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Updated  18.06.2010 by Ronnie

Telstra and Optus Apple iPad 3G Prepaid Prices and Data Allowances – Telstra Pre-Paid SIM for Apple 3G iPad $30 Starter Kit (3GB)

Telstra iPad 3G Prices

Telstra Prepaid Apple 3G iPad Data Allowance

Telstra Prepaid Apple 3G iPad Recharge Amount

1GB $20
3GB $30
6GB $60
9GB $80
12GB $100

View and compare more Telstra BigPond Mobile Broadband plans by simply clicking here

Optus iPad 3G Prices

Optus Prepaid Apple 3G iPad Data Allowance

Optus Prepaid Apple 3G iPad Recharge Amount

500MB $15
1GB $20
3GB $30
4GB $40
5GB $50
9GB $70
12GB $100
14GB $130

View and compare more Optus Mobile Broadband plans by simply clicking here


We’ll be announcing broadband pricing for the iPad as soon as it becomes available. For the moment you can compare mobile broadband plans from Australia’s leading ISP’s . Compare and Save on Australian Mobile Broadband plans and deals right here at Youcompare!

TELSTRA, Optusnet and Vodafone Hutchison Australia have shown their eagerness to get on board the iPad bandwagon with confirmation they will soon stock the micro SIM card needed to connect the device to 3G mobile networks.

Some versions of Apple’s much-vaunted touchscreen computer will come unlocked and ready to go with any prepaid mobile broadband service, but users will be required to sign up with a provider that offers the soon-to-be-introduced micro SIM standard, which has a chip housing smaller than a regular SIM.


  1. Bevin

    This is terrible, the pieces for telstra iPad micro sim is exactly the same pricing, as optus and I’m not happy at all with the speed I get from my telstra pre-paid micro sim, $20 for 1 gig is a joke, especially for the shocking speeds, i just did a speed test in Perth with a Perth server and getting a 375 ping hit rate, and download speed of only 2.77Mbps upload is a stupid 0.21Mbps, why is it slower then my other wireless ” broadband” 3G modem, they are using the same network! I hate the monopoly that telstra has and the rediculas plans on offer, with shaped 3G plans. Dame dame dame!!!!!

  2. barb

    well change plans or carrier

  3. Andy

    It is iniquitous that normal Telstra pre-paid broadband users will be effectively subsidising ipad users. $30 mer month buys 0.4 MB for normal users and 3.0 MB for ipad users; i.e. Normal users will pay 7.5 times the fee that ipad users will pay !!!

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