Telstra BigPond Naked DSL now on Youcompare

Telstra BigPond Naked DSL now on Youcompare

Updated on February 8, 2012

Telstra BigPond have just released some exclusive Naked Cable broadband plans on Youcompare. They might not be naked DSL, however if you’re eligible to access these new cable offerings you could lucky enough to receive download speeds of up to 100Mbps!

Click on one of the links below to find out more about more and to talk to one of their friendly customer service representatives. Be sure you mention that you saw these plans on Youcompare!

Telstra BigPond Naked Cable Broadband Plans (now available on casual month to month contract options)
BigPond Elite® Naked Cable 40GB Liberty $59.95 (up to 30Mbps download speed)
BigPond Elite® Naked Cable 80GB Liberty $69.95 (up to 30Mbps download speed)
BigPond Ultimate® Naked Cable 40GB Liberty $69.95 (up to 100Mbps download speed)
BigPond Ultimate® Naked Cable 40GB Liberty $79.95 (up to 100Mbps download speed)

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Updated on September 30, 2011

While this exclusive Telstra BigPond Naked DSL trial is now finished, you can still compare other leading ‘Naked’ broadband plans from Australia’s leading service providers.

Compare the likes of Telstra BigPond Cable (which doesn’t require a fixed line phone service), iiNet Naked DSL or Optus Naked DSL by visiting the following link–> Compare Naked Broadband Plans.

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Updated 17.05.2011 by Ronnie

Telstra’s Naked DSL broadband plans were available for a short time only when they conducted a trial on Youcompare.

We’re hoping that Telstra BigPond will release Naked DSL offerings to the mainstream permanently, however in the meantime did you know that you could save up to $30 (equivalent of phone line rental) when you combine your ADSL, Cable or Wireless BigPond Broadband with your home phone and either a Mobile Phone or FOXTEL Pay TV account with Telstra? So it’s essentially like the savings you would make on a Naked DSL plan anyway!

That’s right, it’s called a multiple policy discount and if you combine 3 of Telstra’s services together, they’ll give you a $30 per month discount. Switching is very quick, hassle free and easy.

Browse and compare eligible BigPond plans and information by clicking on the following link and talk to one of their friendly customer service representatives by calling the corresponding number : BIGPOND BROADBAND PLANS WITH $30 MULTIPLE POLICY DISCOUNTS

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———————— is pleased to announce the insertion of Telstra Naked DSL Plans to our comparion site.

The new BigPond Naked DSL and Pure DSL plans give users the ability you do away with home phone line rental charges, while still retaining the ability to receive incoming phone calls from any number, and to make an emergency call to 000 if necessary.

The Telstra BigPond Pure DSL and Naked DSL plans offer a massive 25GB data allowance for only $59.95 (more than enough for your average family) and it’s free from any excess usage charges (as the broadband speed is shaped if data allowance is exceeded) so you don’t have to worry about any scary bills at the end of the month.

Sign up, or find out more about the BigPond 25GB Naked and Pure DSL plans by visiting directly, or by using the Telstra Naked DSL link (above) to navigate there instantly. Browse through the site and compare Naked DSL plans via the Naked DSL category and find the plan tha’s right for you.



  1. jc

    I agree totally with the Urs. I too signed up in July 2010 and each month get a bill that is over $100 apparantly Telstra has closed the naked DSL office and so no one nows about these plans. there is about 900 of us on it.

  2. Urs Zwygart

    I have signed up for this naked adsl trial mid last year (2010). Since then, I am receiving each month the wrong amount $80.90 on my Invoice from Telstra. I have called and e-mailed telstra several times and they promised to fix this. Nothing happened so far. I am not happy with telstra’s/bigpond customer service and I do not recommend this plan.

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