Can the NBN be canned if a Liberal government was to assume power? I’d like to think not. Who knows, there might be riots and a social upheaval if that hypothetical scenario was to take fruition. Realistically though, I think the Liberals would have an extremely tough time trying to pull the plug on a Labor NBN.

As recent as last week, Mike Quigley (NBNco CEO) advised Senator Stephen Conroy (Communications Minister) that the NBN was capable of more than 100Mbps. In fact, Mr Conroy made it known to the media that the NBN was now capable of achieving 1 gigabit per second broadband speeds. This is 10 times faster than the previously announced 100Mbps speeds and almost 1000 times faster than what many ADSL broadband Internet subscribers are actually experiencing now. Speeds such as 1Gbps can certainly pave the way for undreamed of  innovation and future opportunity.

Now, if Tony Abbott finds this announcement hard to swallow (not just because he’s a self confessed tech illiterate geek), moreover because of the timely turn-around of  the Labor announcement that stipulated the NBN is now capable of 1Gbps speeds. Well it’s true Tony, it is!

Be it clever Politics or be it coincidental timing, the fact is that a Fibre Optic NBN is theoretically capable or achieving much greater speeds than just 1Gbps . Only back in March this year did Japanese Telco NTT record a Fibre test speed of 69.1 Terabits (yes more speed interpretations required).

1 Terabit per second data transfer rate equal to:
1,000,000,000 Kilobits per second
(Typical ADSL Speed is 1500 Kilobits)
1,000,000 Megabits per second (100 Megabits original  proposed NBN speed – Tony is proposing 12 Megabits)
1,000 Gigabits per second (1 Gigabit proposed upgradeable NBN speed)
1 Terabit (Future achievable Broadband NBN speeds – 69.1 Terabit speed reached in Japanese NTT test)

So in other words a fibre optic NBN has the potential to be literally ‘Lightning Fast’. As for breaking it down a little bit in terms that Mr Abbott might understand – Fibre Optics is all about harnessing the speed of ‘bright lights’ Tony, ‘bright lights’! But be warned Tony, bright lights can ‘blind you’…. so much so that it may send us all back into the ‘dark ages’ if the Libs were to take down the Government.