Vodafone Fixed Line Broadband Plans for NBN

Vodafone Fixed Line Broadband Plans for NBN

Vodafone Hutchison Australia have announced plans to provide fixed line broadband services to consumers using the National Broadband Network.

VHA chief executive Nigel Dews confirmed the agreement with the NBN Co and said that plans to conduct trials would commence in Armidale in Northern NSW in the coming months.

Plagued by mobile network issues and customer complaints, Vodafone is currently in the process of upgrading its mobile network while continuing to roll out new services to cater for an increased uptake of mobile customers.

Source: AustralianIT

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  1. Vyntr

    After using Vodafone Hutchison Australia mobile broadband on my macbook for the last 2 years i can honestly say that i would have been far better off using dial up. sure i can get 300kbps, at 3am! any time between noon and midnight i get stuff all. I’m paying $30 a month for this crap and i just did 2 tests on speedtest.net. its 8pm weeknight and i got 0.05mps download and 0.08mbs upload. the second test was 0.07/0.03. the needle didn’t even move, if it were not for the digital readout i would not have even realised it was working! Not a happy customer :(

    oh and its not like i’m in the sticks or anything, we are talking 5mins north of the northern end of the freeway, Perth.

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