Windows 10 is getting some updates. You can expect to see improvements within the Start menu and Windows Ink. The update will also allow for more extension support. These extensions are easily available within the Windows Store. Individuals with disabilities will now be able to a more accessible web app with improved web standards.

Key Takeaways:

  • On the anniversary of Windows 10, Microsoft has provided new updates to the system to make the experience more usable and secure.
  • Notably the default web browser, Microsoft Edge, has been completely overhauled and remodeled and now more closely resembles Firefox and Chrome
  • Most importantly for the new edition of the web browser is the inclusion of extensions at the request of most users.

“Similar to Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, starting with the Anniversary Update, Microsoft Edge finally includes support for extensions. Extensions are small programs that easily plug into the web browser to add more functionality, and are usually created to do one task.”