Netflix has introduced a new mobile app for users to test their internet speed. When launched, the FAST Speed Test app instantly begins reading and displaying the user’s internet speed, and the results can be compared against The app only displays download speed, as Netflix believes that is the most useful information for most users about their overall internet experience. Netflix uses its own internal services and technology to conduct the app’s series of download tests, including downloading pieces of a 25 MB video file using a variable number of parallel connections.

Key Takeaways:

  • Netflix has announced where customers may look at their current internet speeds.
  • On it’s blog, employees have stated that the app and website only give download speed because that is how most users interact with the internet.
  • To test internet speed, the app downloads chunks of 25mb through various parallel connections.

“The site uses Netflix’s servers and technology to give people an instant look at their current internet speed.”