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New Telstra BigPond Broadband Plans
Telstra BigPond have just upgraded their broadband plans with increased data limits and value for money. Below are their new range of Cable and ADSL2+ plans and prices.

BigPond Elite 5GB Liberty 5GB 24 months from $29.95
BigPond Elite 50GB Liberty 50GB 24 months from $49.95
BigPond Elite 200GB Liberty 200GB 24 months from $69.95
BigPond Elite 500GB Liberty 500GB 24 months from $89.95

Compare these plans and other BigPond popular broadband plans here.

Updated by Ronnie September 19, 2011

Youcompare is excited to announce the inclusion of Telstra BigPond on to the comparison site. Being Australia’s largest  ISP, it’s only fitting that Broadband shoppers should have the opportunity to compare Telstra BigPond broadband plans and Telstra BigPond broadband bundles against other leading Australian Broadband Providers.

Whether you’re after BigPond ADSL, BigPond ADSL2+, BigPond Cable Extreme, BigPond Next G Wireless or BigPond Mobile Broadband, you need not look further than Broadband Guide! What’s more, BigPond Broadband constantly run Special Offers and Internet Deals which are also available through Broadband Guide. Simply read the promotional line text that appears in all plan results, and further detailed information in the respective plans ‘more information section. Cash in or save money on your monthly telecommunication bills with Telstra Reward Options and Home Phone Bundle discounts.

As Australia’s largest Broadband Internet Service Provider, Telstra BigPond have the best coverage; quality that’s second to none; excellent reliability and first class customer service satisfaction. It’s no wonder they are Australia’s most popular provider for Broadband Internet, Home Phone and Mobile Phone products.

Subscribers to BigPond are able to choose between high speed ADSL or high speed 20Mbps ADSL2+ Internet Access, or Super Fast 30Mbps Cable Extreme fixed line Broadband. Telstra’s Next G Wireless Network and Super G Fast Mobile Broadband plans have also been highly acclaimed as the yardstick of wireless G technology throughout the world and currently deliver broadban speeds bursting up to 8Mbps.

Racking up various Industry awards on an annual basis, if it’s quality, speed, variety, reliability and value for money that you’re after, then it has to be BigPond. This Australian ISP does not cut corners when it comes to providing top quality services that put their customer needs first.  Furthermore, Telstra BigPond have loads of ‘free services’ that you can use which doesn’t count toward your monthly usage limit.

Compare Super Fast BigPond ADSL and Cable Fixed Line Broadband Internet Plans right here Broadband Guide!

AAPT ADSL2+ Broadband Internet Plans now listed

Broadband Guide is pleased to announce the recent addition of AAPT to the comparison site. AAPT is one of Australia’s leading Telecommunication providers who offers internet coverage to most regions of the nation. They are currently being represented on Broadband Guide by five ADSL2+ broadband plans with either a month-to-month contract or discounted 24 month option.

Offering broadband internet speeds of up to 20Mps down, and 1Mbps up, their plans also encompass data usage limits that range from 1GB to 50GB (with no excess usage charges), and also gives you the ability combine a home phone service at a discounted broadband rate. 

You can view what AAPT has to offer by visiting here.

iPrimus Broadband Plans now listed on Broadband Guide

Broadband Guide is pleased to announce the introduction of iPrimus broadband plans to the site. The new iPrimus Internet products deliver ADSL2+ speeds along with exceptional usage limits and value for money such as that witnessed with the iPrimus ADSL2+ Big Kahuna plan. This plan boasts a massive usage limit of 200GB and can be purchased at a low price of $69.95 when bundled with home phone and mobile services!

Browse and Compare this plan and more iPrimus Broadband 2+ plans right here


iiNet Naked DSL Plans & VoIP Bundles

Compare Naked DSL Broadband Internet Plans & VoIP Bundles by iiNet against other leading Australian Broadband Providers. iiNet is one of the first ISP’s in Australia to offer Broadband Plans that don’t require separate Phone Line rental.

Yes, that’s right if you’re new to Broadband and are sick and tired of paying for a phone line and rental that you don’t hardly use but want ADSL2+ Broadband speeds and a respective Plan to match, then try out iiNet’s Naked DSL Plans for size. For as little as $49.95 per month, you can have access to a Broadband ADSL2+ Plan, 2GB peak & 2GB offpeak (4GB) Usage Limit, Phone Line Rental Included, iiNet’s iiTalk VoIP Broadband Phone Service, Free Local and National calls and Free Spam and Virus Protection!

iiNet Naked DSL Broadband Plans & Services are available in most capital cities, however if you’re interested in taking up a Naked DSL service, it’s wise to make an enquiry about Naked DSL Availability and Naked DSL Connection turn around times first, as iiNet’s Naked DSL Plans are an extremely popular product.

Check out and compare iiNet Naked DSL Plans here!


Telstra under attack over ADSL2+ Access

Telstra wholesale has just come into the ‘line of fire’ as nine of Australia’s other major Telecommunication Providers such as Optus, Internode, iiNet and Westnet lash out at Telstra and accuse them of anti competitiveness and shutting down their $2.5 billion wholesale arm.

In a letter to the ACCC drafted on behalf of the frustrated Telco’s, alleged impediments on Telstra’s monopoly and anti competitive nature have been cited for the following reasons: Capped Exchanges, Lengthy DSLAM approval and installation delays & Untenable high wholesale pricing.

Penalties as much as $10 million for each offence and a further $1 Million for each day the company remains in breach could be imposed.

The protesting ISPs, which include iinet, Internode, TCN Communications and Westnet, issued a nine-page letter to ACCC chairman Graham Samuel, requesting the ACCC to issue an urgent Competition Notice under Part XIB of the Trade Practices Act 1974. Additionally, it urges the commission to re-examine declaring regulatory access to all DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) broadband services, especially in areas where competition through alternative broadband platforms is unviable.

“This substantial lessening of competition will clearly have an adverse impact on consumers, both in terms of price and the range of services available to them in the long term,” he said. “For this reason, 10 erstwhile competitors have put their differences aside to urge the ACCC to start an investigation about issuing a Competition Notice.”

Source: article

Telstra BigPond Upgrade – ADSL2+ Exchange Schedule & Locations

News hot of the press, as most know by now, is that Telstra have announced an immediate extension to their Broadband Network by enabling a further 900 telephone exchanges with ADSL2+ services. What does this mean for you and more to the point, will you be eligible and if so, when will you be able to be connected?

Below is a logistical breakdown of the national ADSL2+ extension upgrade which is scheduled to be deployed over 4 stage increments.

The 900 additional exchanges that will provide ADSL2+ high-speed broadband serve
• approximately 730,000 homes and businesses in NSW
• more than 660,000 homes and businesses in Victoria
• more than 570,000 homes and businesses in Queensland
• more than 170,000 homes and businesses in Western Australia
• nearly 80,000 homes and businesses in South Australia
• more than 120,000 homes and businesses in Tasmania
• more than 50,000 homes and businesses in the Northern Territory
• more than 2,000 homes and businesses in the Australian Capital Territory.

Deployment Schedule

Stage 1 & 2
(48 – 72 hours)
370 telephone exchanges serving nearly 1.8 million premises will be upgraded within seven working days – within the first 48 hours exchanges will be upgraded serving nearly one million premises in locations such as Alice Springs (NT), Banora Point (NSW), Buderim (Qld), Deer Park (Vic), Kalgoorlie and Karratha (WA), Newtown (Tas) and Victor Harbour (SA); and within seven working days exchanges will be upgraded serving locations such as Ayr (Qld), Aldinga (SA), Mittagong (NSW), Lakes Entrance (Vic), Sandy Bar (Tas) and Madjimup (WA).

Stage 3 (2 weeks)
132 telephone exchanges serving 230,000 premises will be upgraded within three weeks – serving locations such as Loxton (SA), Tully (Qld), Narromine (NSW), Camperdown (Vic), Howard Springs (NT), Smithton (Tas) and Yanchep (WA).

Stage 4 (6 months)
An additional 405 exchanges serving more than 330,000 premises will be upgraded within 200 days as Telstra completes additional work – serving locations such as Grovedale (Vic), Tumbarumba (NSW), Barcaldine (Qld), Ceduna (SA), Forrestdale (WA) and Cambridge (Tas).

Overall Total
907 exchange sites
serving 2,423,664 million consumers across every state and territory.

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Internode ‘Please Explain’ Telstra ADSL2+ plans

With the recent news of Telstra enabling a further 900 Exchanges with ADSL2+ access, also comes doubt over the legality behind the ‘regulatory guarantee’ that Senator Conroy has granted to Telstra.

Managing Director of Internode ‘Simon Hackett’ claims that after making enquiries with respective agencies in regards to the recent announcement, he is puzzled by the legalities behind the guarantee. He’s also suggested that the Federal Government publish the precise contents behind the guarantee with Telstra along with a legal explanation.

“Years of precedent and practice (multiple Competition Notices) have made it clear that where Telstra offers a monopoly retail broadband service, they are required to offer it at wholesale, and at an access price that is tenable

“All existing BigPond Retail services are offered as a wholesale access version to the market in accordance with the above

“So if Telstra has been ‘guaranteed’ not to be required to be good wholesale citizens, what is to stop them withdrawing from the entire wholesale ADSL market – at all speeds, in all exchanges, nationally?,”

“And how, on earth, is the resulting rise in access cost for the 50% of non-BigPond ADSL consumers (as BigPond are the most expensive retail DSL provider in the market) going to be in the long term interests of those end users?

Read the entire article at

Telstra to enable 900 ADSL2+ Exchanges

In potentially good news for those in regions where Broadband speeds are limited, Telstra today released a surprise announcement stating that it will enable a further 900 telephone exchanges with ADSL2+ services.

The decision to enable the additional ADSL2+ exchanges has been brought about by a recent letter sent to Telstra from Communications Minister ‘Senator Stephen Conroy’ who stated that the Federal Government would not force Telstra to provide ADSL2+ services to competitors.

Fast broadband technology using ADSL2+ is to be rolled out by Telstra to an additional 900 local exchanges serving 2.4 million households, the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and the Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, Senator Stephen Conroy, announced today. – Gov. Media Release

“This initiative provides the bandwidth families need so they can simultaneously use several devices at home – one parent can download work files, another can plan the family holiday online, while the kids are also online researching for school projects,” – Mr Trujillo

“As a result of this advice, I concluded that there is a high degree of regulatory certainty in relation to the ACCC’s approach to wholesale ADSL2+ services. I have written to Telstra expressing my position, acknowledging that I agree with the ACCC’s stance. – Stephen Conroy

Telstra Media Release
Government Media Release
Letter from Conroy to Sol

iiNet now listed on Broadband Guide

Broadband Guide is pleased to announce the inclusion of iiNet into our Broadband comparison website. iiNet is currently Australia’s 3rd largest Internet Service Provider with widespread Broadband coverage across Australia. Search and compare iiNet’s competitive range of ADSL2+ and Naked DSL Plans at Broadband Guide by clicking here.

“Having a Telecommunication Supplier like iiNet on Broadband Guide is huge benefit for those seeking to compare Australia’s leading Internet Service Providers on the one website” said Peter Bennett Commercial Manager of Broadband Guide.


New Netspace entry level ADSL2+ Plans

Broadband Guide is pleased to announce the introduction of two new Netspace entry level ADSL2+ Broadband Plans to their competitive lineup. The new Residential ADSL2+ Plans, ‘Home 2+ 4’ & ‘Home 2+ Starter Plan’, have monthly usage quotas of 4GB (2GB Peak & 2GB Off-peak) and 500MB respectively. Both plans are available over a 0, 6, 12 or 24 month contract period, with Standalone or Phone Bundled options offered for the ‘Home 2+ 4’ plan, and an essential Phone Bundle included into the ‘Home 2+ Starter’ Broadband plan. 

View and compare these plans, along with the entire list of Netspace plans right here.

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