New BigPond Cable 30Mbit/s ‘Extreme Speed’ Plans

Telstra BigPond today launched their new 30Mbit/s Cable Broadband ‘Extreme’ plans which will evidently increase Cable speeds by up to 13Mbit/s.  Worth noting is Extreme Cable speeds of up to 30Mbps/1Mbps are available in selected areas of Sydney and Melbourne only that pass Foxtel services. All other areas servicing BigPond Cable, namely Brisbane, Gold Coast, Adelaide & Perth will be limited to17Mbps/256kbps. 

However, the service is only available to the 1.8 million households passed by Foxtel cable in Sydney or Melbourne. The other million or so people in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Adelaide and Perth who can get it will be limited to 17Mbit/s speed.

“At 30 Mbps, theoretically you can download a Hollywood blockbuster from BigPond Movies in less than five minutes, or stream it instantly,” BigPond MD Justin Milne said.

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Telstra BigPond to upgrade Cable Network Speeds to 30Mbps

Telstra BigPond CEO Sol Trujillo recently confirmed a
planned upgrade for their hybrid fibre coaxial cable network for later this
year. It is expected that the upgrade will deliver fast broadband
speeds of 30Mbps (30Mbit/s) to 1.7 million household subscribers by the end of
2007. The jump from the current 17Mbps Broadband speed to the new proposed
faster 30Mbps is not that significant when considering Telstra’s overall plans
for it’s hybrid cable network. However, when Mr Trujillo was quizzed over
the limited speed developments he remained tight lipped and refused to discuss

The relatively small jump in speed
(17Mbit/s to 30Mbit/s) indicates that Telstra is indeed using channel-bonded
DOCSIS technology rather than the newer DOCSIS 3.0 standard that Optus is

He was tight lipped on other details,
refusing to discuss why the reach of the 30Mbit/s cable broadband was smaller
than the overall footprint of Telstra’s HFC, which covers 2.7 million premises.
Presumably, though, Telstra’s engineers have found that 30Mbit/s is only
attainable over certain distances.

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at APCMag.

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