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Australia ranks beyond 30 in global fibre take-up

In the latest global fibre-to-the-home/building rankings release, statistics show that Australia is lagging behind 30 other developed countries who have at least one percent of fibre to the premises take-up.

The FTTH Council rankings has South Korea leading the way with an impressive 50% penetration while the likes of Hong Kong 46% and Japan 43% come in a close second and third respectively.

At the other end of the spectrum, countries such as Malaysia, Ukraine, Canada, Turkey and even Romania (30th) make the list while Australia is still yet to register.

It’s anticipated that Australia will rocket up this list over the next few years as the National Broadband Network starts to take shape.

Australia 11th in World Broadband Rankings 2009

The expansion of broadband services in Australia continues to rise as does Australia’s position in the World Broadband Rankings which now sees our nation coming at 11th (out of 58 nations) with a 72 percent take up in Australian households. The WBR results were released in the latest ‘Global Broadband Forecast: 1H 2009’ which was published by Strategy Analytics.

The Asia Pacific region dominates the WBR with 5 of the nations appearing in the Top Ten, including the number one position held by South Korea with a remarkable 95%. Strategy Analytics has stated that they expect this trend to continue in the Asian Pacific area between 2009 and 2013 with an additional growth rate of 15% predicted. Too bad it’s Broadband take up only and not High Speed Broadband in Australia.

In case you were wondering, western nations such as UK and USA finished 15th (67%) and 20th (60%) respectively while Japan only came in at 16th with 64 percent and New Zealand finished in a measly 25th place with 57 percent take up.

Top Ten World Broadband Rankings for 2009
1. South Korea 95%
2. Singapore 88%
3. Netherlands 85%
4. Denmark 82%
5. Taiwan 81%
6. Hong Kong 81%
7. Israel 77%
8. Switzerland 76%
9. Canada 76%
10. Norway 75%
(11. Australia 72%) 

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