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NBN Co totally rejects hacking claims

The recent hacking attack on NBN provider ‘Platform Networks’ by an unemployed truck driver has been portrayed by the media as a direct security breach on the NBN.

NBN Co CEO Mike Quigley has labelled the publishing’s as entirely wrong by slamming the media companies behind the misleading reports. The official NBN Co website has even gone to the extent of naming the companies involved and totally rejected any hacking related incident involving the NBN.

Read the NBN Co response right here

NBN Co Telstra $11 Billion Deal Done

Julia Gillard has announced that an $11 billion deal has been struck between the NBN Co and Telstra.

Joined by the Minister of Broadband and Communications Stephen Conroy, NBN Co CEO Mike Quigley and Telstra boss David Thodey, the Prime Minister stated the deal would involve giving the $38 billion National Broadband Network (NBN) access to Telstra’s fixed line copper PSTN network.

Telstra’s shares were also halted from trading in New Zealand during the announcement this morning and are expected to significantly rise once trading resumes from yesterday’s closing value of $3.03. Investors have been reluctant up until now to buy into Telstra amid fears of uncertainty with the Labor government’s NBN project.

Now that the deal has been signed and sealed, it also paves the way for many contractual obligations such as a $800 millionr deal with Optus to transfer its cable customers to the NBN and in effect, make it more difficult for the Liberal party to deliver it’s alternative broadband plans for Australia if it were to win the next election.

26Tbps Record Speed Proves NBN Fibre Longevity

Alan Jones Spruiks Labor NBN Unknowingly
Cash for comments radio jock Alan Jones never ceases to amaze as his misleading comments continue to come back and haunt him. Known for his liberal minded point of view, the prominent 2GB front man essentially labelled the NBN technology as obsolete after hearing news of a new ‘laser’ data transmission speed record that was recently broken in Germany.

Little did he realise that the Australian National Broadband Network uses exactly the same optic fibre technology and consequentially, his ignorant point of view has actually bolstered the Labor Government’s NBN case and the longevity of fibre optic broadband.

“The NBN that they’re going to roll out will be up to 100Mbps, down to 12Mbps in some areas … The Germans have done 26 terabits. that’s 26 million megabits per second. We’re going to get a hundred. Not a hundred million — a hundred megabits per second. Their 26 terabits is 2.6 million times faster than what we’re getting. And Canberra want us to believe that the technology we’re spending up to 60 billion on, won’t be updated by the time it’s rolled out. Of course, they’re kidding!”

Here the live audio feed here: Alan Jones Comments – the NBN in perspective. Read more at delimiter.com.au

Updated by Ronnie 1.20pm 26/05/2011

26Tbps Record Speed Proves NBN Fibre Longevity
A 26 terabit per second fibre optic data transmission speed test which smashed the previous 10 terabit broadband speed record set back in 2010 essentially proves the decision was right to use fibre optic cable over other competing technologies for Australia’s national broadband network construction.

Scientists at Germany’s Karlsruhe Institute of Technology have finally given the Gillard Government and NBN Co chief Mike Quigley something to smile about when they set a new data transmission speed record that could effectively send the equivalent of 200,000 high res images, 400 million phone calls or 700 DVDs across 50km in one second.

This type of technology could perhaps one day transmit similar super fast speeds over distances of 50 to 100km, or even further if amplified, and would act as an excellent transmission method for bandwidth hungry cloud computing, 3D television and high quality teleconferencing services. This is not to mention yet to be invented future virtual reality applications and automation services that we’ll all be using in years to come.

After hearing the news of the record breaking broadband speed test, NBN Co chief technology officer Gary McLaren was believed to have stated that the respective results indicate the decision to use fibre to 93% of Australia’s population was the right way to go and that we can now be confident the NBN Co are implementing the right technology to ensure longevity for a fibre optic broadband network for decades to come.

Read more at zdnet.co.uk

Updated by Ronnie 10.40am 26/05/2011

Turnbull v Quigley – Persecution of an Honourable Man

Who is the man responsible for bringing the Federal Governments’ national broadband network vision into fruition? What do we know about his background and values? Can he be trusted? I’m talking about Mike Quigley of course – NBN Co chief executive.

Malcolm Turnbull and his aspirations to demolish the NBN (as appointed by Tony Abbott) would have you think not. It appears that Malcolm is taking any step necessary to do what he can to crush all credibility of this man (including the NBN) although he recently stated…

“Nobody is making any allegations against you, least of all anybody here,” Turnbull told Quigley yesterday, noting he just wanted to give the executive the chance to “correct” some of the statements which he had made.

Malcolm is referring to a recent accusation that apparently links Mr Quigley to knowledge and or involvement in bribery and corruption scandals. This is, of course, unproven and far from the truth as there is NO evidence connecting him to these indiscretions. Turnbull, Abbott and some of the media are determined to have you think so in a bid to swing the minds of the public their way.

Ignorance can be bliss, however its of vital importance that all the facts are known, especially when A. There’s billions of dollars of the public’s taxes at stake for national project that’s on a scale that this country has never seen before B. If you’re only taking into account opinions from an opposing political point of view from people who wish to ‘demolish’ a potential future benefit to Australia’s prosperity for their own benefit. C. Taking the possibility of destroying the life and reputation of an innocent man into account.

As the profile of the man emerged, it became clear he was well-respected as an intelligent and capable leader, a man who stayed true to his Australian roots yet had emerged on the global stage. It was perhaps also true that Quigley was disappointed not to have risen to the chief executive role at Alcatel-Lucent — yet he appeared to have bourne that disappointment humbly, and has been content to work in lesser roles.

Do yourself a favour and read more about the man behind the NBN Co and Turnbulls obsession to destroy the NBN in this featured story at delimiter.com.au.

Government release $35.9 billion NBN Business Plan

The Australian Federal Government has finally released the full version of the NBN Business Plan, conveniently timed I might add. With Parliament now at recess and the announcement made in the week leading up to Christmas, it appears that timing is everything as far as ‘softening the blow’ goes from a Coalition point of view anyway.

Mike Quigley (NBN Co CEO) has stated that specific targets for the rollout includes many assumptions based on the inclusion of Telstra, and much of these factors will continue to be discussed over the Christmas/New Year break.

Julia Gillard, Stephen Conroy, Treasurer Wayne Swan and Penny Wong were all expected to address the media today.

Key Points:
9.5 years to administer to 10 million homes with 93% fibre connection
Entry plan price $24 (wholesale) for 12 megabit connection
Business study based on 70% take-up
Total Cost: $35.9 billion ($27.5 billion Government investment)
Annual revenue forecast: $5.8 billion in 2021 & $7.6 billion in 2025

Read more about the NBN Business Plan release here: news.com.au

1 Gigabit NBN Speed Tip of the Iceberg

Can the NBN be canned if a Liberal government was to assume power? I’d like to think not. Who knows, there might be riots and a social upheaval if that hypothetical scenario was to take fruition. Realistically though, I think the Liberals would have an extremely tough time trying to pull the plug on a Labor NBN.

As recent as last week, Mike Quigley (NBNco CEO) advised Senator Stephen Conroy (Communications Minister) that the NBN was capable of more than 100Mbps. In fact, Mr Conroy made it known to the media that the NBN was now capable of achieving 1 gigabit per second broadband speeds. This is 10 times faster than the previously announced 100Mbps speeds and almost 1000 times faster than what many ADSL broadband Internet subscribers are actually experiencing now. Speeds such as 1Gbps can certainly pave the way for undreamed of  innovation and future opportunity.

Now, if Tony Abbott finds this announcement hard to swallow (not just because he’s a self confessed tech illiterate geek), moreover because of the timely turn-around of  the Labor announcement that stipulated the NBN is now capable of 1Gbps speeds. Well it’s true Tony, it is!

Be it clever Politics or be it coincidental timing, the fact is that a Fibre Optic NBN is theoretically capable or achieving much greater speeds than just 1Gbps . Only back in March this year did Japanese Telco NTT record a Fibre test speed of 69.1 Terabits (yes more speed interpretations required).

1 Terabit per second data transfer rate equal to:
1,000,000,000 Kilobits per second
(Typical ADSL Speed is 1500 Kilobits)
1,000,000 Megabits per second (100 Megabits original  proposed NBN speed – Tony is proposing 12 Megabits)
1,000 Gigabits per second (1 Gigabit proposed upgradeable NBN speed)
1 Terabit (Future achievable Broadband NBN speeds – 69.1 Terabit speed reached in Japanese NTT test)

So in other words a fibre optic NBN has the potential to be literally ‘Lightning Fast’. As for breaking it down a little bit in terms that Mr Abbott might understand – Fibre Optics is all about harnessing the speed of ‘bright lights’ Tony, ‘bright lights’! But be warned Tony, bright lights can ‘blind you’…. so much so that it may send us all back into the ‘dark ages’ if the Libs were to take down the Government.

NBN Co reveal plans for $1 Billion Satellite Broadband

NBN Co chief executive officer, Mike Quigley has revealed plans to construct and launch 2 x $500 million dollar satellites into orbit to deliver National Broadband Network services of at least 12 Megabits to Australian Households.

In what could take up to four years to bring into fruition, Mr Quigley stated that 1 satellite could easily service up to 200,000 premises. This would transmitt way more than enough bandwidth to service those outside the NBN’s fibre network, however a further satellite was required for redundancy purposes. 

He explained by saying… “You could potentially do it with one, but the trouble is if we have some 200,000 premises on a satellite, they take roughly four years to design, build and launch into orbit, and so if one of them gets hit by a piece of space junk, I don’t want to wake up one morning and find that 200,000 people without a service and it will take four years to restore it.”

It’s believed that the proposed NBN Satellite Network could also service those who reside in fringe areas around major metropolitan regions, where access or difficult terrain could prevent fibre rollouts, as well as those in remote areas.

A satellite componet for the NBN appears to be a very sound idea and one that is very timely for those in remote areas I must say. A key factor, that wasn’t mentioned to my knowledge, was the ability (if any) of using the NBN Satellites as back up in the event of a natural disaster – a contingency already in place for other countries such as Japan.

Published by Ronnie on July 14, 2010 at 11:42 am

NBN Status Update – Where its at August 2009

The NBN project is well and truly underway and the latest eventuation has witnessed a NBN CEO and now an NBN Board take shape, so where are we at and what’s next? The answer to this question is definitely not straight forward, but I’ll make an attempt to summarise the current status quo of the Australian National Broadband Network.

– Michael Quigley has been named the Executive Chair (CEO) of the Australian NBN (NBNco).
– Doug Campbell has been appointed Chair of Tasmanian NBN Company Limited (TNBNCo).
– Doug Campbell, Peter Hay, Siobhan McKenna, Diane Smith-Gander and Gene Tilbrook have all been named as NBN Board Directors.
– NBNco headquarters is still up for grabs. Queensland, NSW and Victoria are all front runners, however location might be split among all three states.
– Communications Minister, Senator Stephen Conroy states that Implementation Study underway and hopes to be completed in February 2010.
– Tasmanian Roll underway in October 2009 and will be overseen by Aurora Energy.
– Winning Bidders to be announced and construction expected to commence in Regional Backbone areas of Wonthaggi, Leongatha, Korumburra, Inverloch, Foster, Yarram, Victor Harbor, Broken Hill, Darwin, Geraldton, Emerald and      Longreach in September 2009.
– NBN legislation expected to be introduced into Parliament by Senator Conroy later this year in a bid to ensure NBN’s legitimacy and procession.

As you can see, the NBN project is still in its infancy and if this past years progress is anything to go by, I’m expecting that the entire NBN roll out period will be significantly longer than the stated 8 year duration that the government had previously forecast.



Mike Quigley announced Executive Chairman of NBNC

Mike Quigley, former head honcho of Alcatel, has been named executive chairman of the National Broadband Network Company.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd announced Mr Quigley’s acquisition over the weekend and stated that his 36 years of experience of major Fibre-to-the-Home developments with some of the United States leading Carriers led to his successful appointment. The announcement comes along side the commencement of the first stage in the Tasmanian NBN rollout which has been earmarked to provide of 600km of cable to 5000 homes and businesses.

Although Mr Quigley was born in England, his academic background was completed in Australia which I guess makes him an Aussie? He obtained several degrees in mathematics, physics and engineering at the University of NSW and almost immediately after graduation, joined the work force with a group called Standard Telephone Co. This company was later bought by Alcatel and after spending 36 years with Alcatel, many of it as CEO, My Quigley called it a day after the recent merger with Lucent.

My Quigley, who now joins the likes of Doug Campbell that heads the Tasmanian NBN, will commence his new role immediately.


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