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iiNet Combo, Naked and Home ADSL2+ Plans Now Available

iiNet have launched their newest deals which include their great value Mobile or TV Combo bundles and also their new Naked Value plan, all available now through Youcompare.

iiNet’s new TV and Mobile Combos let you combine any of their Home-2, Home-3 or Home-4 ADSL2+ Broadband plans with their new Home Phone 3 (which includes all your standard local and national calls) plus either a fetchTV starter pack or Mobile SIM plan. Their new Combos also come with BoB2™ rental for 24 months and an online protection pack. TV and Mobile Combos start at $99 per month and you can check them out below.
TV Combo $99
Mobile Combo $99

iiNet have also launched their new Naked DSL plans, including ‘Naked Value‘, which gives you 100GB per month for just $59.95. Naked DSL gives users the ability to do away with their home phone service unlike regular ADSL2+ plans which require a full service home phone connection. iiNet’s new Naked DSL plans include:
Naked Value 100GB $59.95
Naked Home-1 200GB $69.95
Naked Home-2 400GB $89.95
Naked Home-3 600GB $119.95

Click on the link below if you would like to view and compare iiNet’s full range of plans now available on Youcompare. Most plans are available with no fixed term contract or sign up to any plan on a 24 month contract and save up to $80 modem costs.

iiNet IPTV service to launch soon

Australia’s third biggest Broadband Internet Service Provider, iiNet, is certainly going through some arduous times at present, and despite facing a massive lawsuit from leading national and International Movie/TV production companies, they’ve just announced a soon to launch IPTV service.

iiNet’s managing director ‘Michael Malone’ said the company was experiencing rapid growth with their Naked DSL services from disgruntled users who are fed up with paying exorbitant line rental fees. Now with more than 307 DSLAMs across Australia offering broadband speeds fast enough to support IPTV, it’s no wonder that many subscribers are leaving their ISPs in droves for iiNet.

Once iiNet’s Internet Protocol TV services are launched, users can expect content such as the latest TV Shows and Movies on Demand, live and interactive TV, news, weather and a host of other channels and features. This is not to mention the fact that iiNet IPTV will go head-to-head with Channel 7’s Tivo as iiNet’s IPTV service will come with a dual tuner free-to-air personal video recorder which is similar to 7’s set top box.

See what all the commotion is about and check out iiNet’s Naked DSL Plans right here at youcompare Broadband  


iiNet Naked DSL Plans – Popularity Soars

Naked DSL Broadband Internet is a rapidly growing broadband alternative as it gives a user the ability to save extra money by ditching the traditional home phone service. It’s popularity is growing so much that it’s caused an unexpected profit for iiNet. Subscribers are now ridding themselves of a Telstra landline in favour of their mobile phone, or for those who used their home phone more frequently, a VoIP (Voice of Internet Protocol) Broadband Phone service.

iiNet’s Managing Director ‘Michael Malone’ recently stated that the company is signing up around 1,000 Naked DSL subscribers per week. He also added that iiNet has been very surprised with the Naked DSL uptake as they thought the new service would only appeal to the tech savvy broadband enthusiast therefor remaining a niche product.

If you’re interested in Naked DSL and considering an iiNet Naked DSL plan, click on the link below and compare iiNet Naked DSL Internet against other Naked DSL Providers right here at Broadband Guide.

Iinet is claiming Naked DSL subscriber numbers of “over 23,000” customers, from a total customer pool on iiNet DSLAMs of 170,209 customers. So, roughly thirteen percent of iiNet’s customers are now living without a PSTN phone line.

“We initially saw Naked DSL as a very niche product”, he said. “We expected that the tech geek crowd who loves broadband would go for it, along with Generation Y and their mobile phones. Instead, it’s appealed to a much broader audience who don’t want to pay line rentals. They see it as dead money. It’s not so much to do with saving money as it is not wasting it.”

source: iiNet profits bulge from unexpected naked growth

iiNet to acquire Westnet for $81 million

iiNet is on the verge of purchasing neighboring W.A. based Internet Service Provider ‘Westnet’ for $81 million. Australia’s 3rd largest telecommunications company is expected to finalise the deal at the end of this month when it will secure an additional 215,000 active subscribers bringing their total number of active services to in excess of 680,000.

The acquisition is believed to add an extra $135 million per year to iiNet’s annual revenue earnings bringing its total revenue to approximately $375 million p.a.. According to iiNet managing director ‘Michael Malone’, Westnet will become a subsidiary of iiNet and will operate as per usual with the only foreseeable change being Westnet’s current wholesale network supplier.

“Westnet is a well run and growing business that has regularly been spinning off profits. The last thing we want to do is mess it up,”

In a presentation to iiNet shareholders, the ISP said there would be opportunity for both brands to cross-sell each other’s products, allowing Westnet to sell iiNet’s naked DSL products and iiNet to sell Westnet’s satellite services to regional customers.

“Westnet has quite a different market to iiNet. We both compete in Perth, but outside that, iiNet is primarily a metro player and Westnet is primarily a regional player. Westnet also has an incredible dealer network that is loyal to Westnet. I’m very reluctant to consider changing that. And of course there is a very competent management and staff team over at Westnet too,”


Fixed lines drop Naked DSL up

In a recently released report from the ACMA, figures are suggesting that interest in fixed telephone line services are dropping which could indicate that the demand for Naked DSL services are on the up.

Naked DSL Broadband services includes line rental fees. Subscribers are now able to purchase Naked DSL Plans without the need of a regular PSTN telephone line service and alternatively use a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) communication service through their broadband connection at a far cheaper price.

The ACMA report shows that around 25% of households would contemplate replacing their fixed line phone service with an alternative form of communication (such as VoIP or mobile phone), however it appears that lack of VoIP knowledge and the high costs of mobile calls are a deterrent toward switching. With the emergence of Naked ADSL services steadily becoming popular, along with VoIP awareness, it appears that the Naked DSL ascension will continue until mobile phone call rates drop significantly.


iiNet Naked DSL Plans & VoIP Bundles

Compare Naked DSL Broadband Internet Plans & VoIP Bundles by iiNet against other leading Australian Broadband Providers. iiNet is one of the first ISP’s in Australia to offer Broadband Plans that don’t require separate Phone Line rental.

Yes, that’s right if you’re new to Broadband and are sick and tired of paying for a phone line and rental that you don’t hardly use but want ADSL2+ Broadband speeds and a respective Plan to match, then try out iiNet’s Naked DSL Plans for size. For as little as $49.95 per month, you can have access to a Broadband ADSL2+ Plan, 2GB peak & 2GB offpeak (4GB) Usage Limit, Phone Line Rental Included, iiNet’s iiTalk VoIP Broadband Phone Service, Free Local and National calls and Free Spam and Virus Protection!

iiNet Naked DSL Broadband Plans & Services are available in most capital cities, however if you’re interested in taking up a Naked DSL service, it’s wise to make an enquiry about Naked DSL Availability and Naked DSL Connection turn around times first, as iiNet’s Naked DSL Plans are an extremely popular product.

Check out and compare iiNet Naked DSL Plans here!


iiNet now listed on Broadband Guide

Broadband Guide is pleased to announce the inclusion of iiNet into our Broadband comparison website. iiNet is currently Australia’s 3rd largest Internet Service Provider with widespread Broadband coverage across Australia. Search and compare iiNet’s competitive range of ADSL2+ and Naked DSL Plans at Broadband Guide by clicking here.

“Having a Telecommunication Supplier like iiNet on Broadband Guide is huge benefit for those seeking to compare Australia’s leading Internet Service Providers on the one website” said Peter Bennett Commercial Manager of Broadband Guide.


Naked DSL Broadband Bundles

Sick of paying for a residential phone line connection that you don’t even use? Well we’ve got good news for you. Many Australian Broadband Providers recognize your dilemma and are currently preparing to launch revamped Broadband Plans that include landline rental.

Typical Home Phone line rental charges are usually around $20-$30 per month. However by including line rental within the upcoming revamped Broadband plans, prices may only rise by as little as $5 per month. Not bad huh? This should suit those who use Mobile phones as their principle method of telecommunication along with those who are seeking to make use of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services.

So when did you last use your home phone line, how much do you use it and how much are you paying for your monthly bill? Why pay for phone line rental and calls when you can use a VoIP Broadband Telephone service (including calls) for a fraction of the price. Many VoIP Providers offer bundles and packages that incorporate all phone/call charges in one monthly bill.

For example. It’s not uncommon for a VoIP provider to offer a VoIP service that includes a monthly access fee, free local calls, free national calls and very cheap Mobile and International call rates for as little as $10-15per month. Sounds crazy doesn’t it? Well it’s true!  Add a VoIP Bundle to your monthly Broadband Internet bill and it’s probably safe to say that many Australians will come in under the $100 per month mark.

entry level 4GB plan will cost $44.95, around $5 more than the ISP’s equivalent regular ADSL plans.

because Telstra owns the copper infrastructure and wholesales it to its competitors, the telco could previously set prices that were so high they made residential naked DSL services unviable. But a decision by the competition regulator late last year meant Telstra was forced into lowering its access prices.

“Consumers will save money doing this but they won’t save an amount of money equivalent to 100 per cent of their line rental,” said Internode CEO Simon Hackett

View Broadband Home Phone, Mobile Phone, Pay TV & VoIP Bundles here at Broadband Guide

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AAPT to provide ‘Naked DSL’ by Xmas

With the cost of ‘Home Phone’ rentals impeding monthly Broadband DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) fees, companies such as AAPT are launching ‘naked DSL’ products in a bid to combat excessive Broadband charges. Doing away with $30+ line rental, which in some instances is an unwanted service, will have many DSL Broadband subscribers welcoming the change. 

“We’re looking at effectively a primary line replacement product … in my place in Sydney, I don’t have a fixed line nor do I want one — not at AU$30 month,” he told delegates.

Read the entire article at ZDNet

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